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PAC coached us to develop our site
Objectives, aesthetics, functionalities, domain registration, budget.
The process was pleasant, with visual tests which helped us to choose, and a quicker launch than we had planned. 
The result is beyond what we had in mind. 
The feedback from our contacts is also very positive, even laudatory.
Many thanks. 
We are delighted and proud to have joined the gallery/galaxy.

S. for SAS Correlations.

Pacôme Leconte is very competent, always very clear and very precise with his explanations. He is always available and has great empathy with his customer.

His services are of a very high quality and very valuable.

Colette A.

I asked PAC for a new website.

My needs and requests were clearly understood.

The site fully meets my expectations.

The content and illustrations on each page are perfect and ergonomic.

I highly recommend PAC !

Anne M.

Pacôme is my computer savior !!

The connection with him is really very easy and pleasant.


He is very attentive to the problems exposed, he takes the time to work issues out and once the conversation is over… the problem is solved.

I'm not good with computers so I really appreciate his explanations which are very clear.

He always brought solutions to problems I have had whether over the phone or face to face.

Pacôme is my way of not bothering anyone else for a computer issue.

Sylvaine B.

Computer repair Avignon

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